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Friday, May 04, 2007

Faffing about Friday - Tea lady cuts sick and other outrage

Move over Junior Lawyers, tea ladies will be on the front line of the next revolution. Recently a Deacons tea lady, after spying a sink full of broken glass and toast crumbs, yelled at all all those in earshot "THIS IS DISGUSTING. I AM NOT HERE TO CLEAN THIS UP!" and walked off. And let it be known that there was no milk or biscuit replenishment for the rest of the day. Lawyers of the world take note, tea ladies are not to be messed with.

And yes, this is the best, non defamatory gossip, that I have been able to muster this week...

Oh and here's a youtube video from the Adelaide Uni Law Revue called "Snail in a bottle" , just in case you needed a torts refresher (hell, if that's not proof that we care, what is).

And another thing, as Kamahl would say, why are people so unkind?

"Re: Reminder : Computer Systems Unavailable - This Saturday Morning, 5th May 2007

I never knew IT people were so passionate as to suffer "outrage" when there`s an outage for maintenance!! And I guess the effect will be to affect both offices!!
[details omitted]

From: Help Desk
Sent: Friday, 4 May 2007 9:29 AM
To: Everyone DL
Subject: Reminder : Computer Systems Unavailable - This Saturday Morning, 5th May 2007
Importance: High
Due to some maintenance that needs to be performed, the computer systems will be unavailable this Saturday, the 5th May until 1pm.

The outrage will effect both the Melbourne and Sydney offices as well as remote access via webmail and citrix.

After 1pm the computers will be able to be used and remote access restored. If you need to access the computers this Saturday morning, please contact Help Desk to make alternative arrangements
Thank you.
Help Desk."

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The dating game

It's that time of year again, when the not-so-fresh-faced first year lawyers have to decide where they want to go rest of their lives.

This process reminds Tea Lady of the time she used to play dodg'em ball at school. All the grade 4 kids would line up in a row, against the toilet block wall, and we would be chosen one by one. I always dreaded this process of elimination, because I would inevitably be one of the last ones selected. Even Susie-Lee, with her scrawny legs and metallic braces, would be chosen before I was. Everyone wanted to be wanted, and no one wanted to be last. Similarly, every AC wants to be the number one draft pick.

The Tea Lady's advice to first years? Approach the whole experience as though it's an episode of *Perfect Match*. Flirt a little, be a bit coy, and never commit too early on.

Choosing a group is a lot like dating. We've all been guilty at one point or another of becoming interested in someone simply because they're quite keen on you. If you go to a group simply because they want you, their attitude towards you might quickly change once you're actually there. Similarly, it's also not recommended that you choose a group based on the people. With such a high turnover, chances are all the nice people will leave by the time the year's out.

And, just like in Perfect Match, you never quite know what's behind the corner. At least if you enjoy the work, you'll be ready for any nasty surprises.