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Sunday, February 25, 2007

JLU Under New Management

The JLU clearly struck a chord with junior lawyers around the nation, as I received a number of emails from members and supporters who expressed their disappointment that the JLU's guns were to fall silent.

Well, fear not, dear comrades. After some brief negotiations, I have agreed to hand over the day-to-day editorial control of the JLU to a most suitable and worthy successor, one who will continue the fight and agitate for the founding principles of the JLU.

While I intend to maintain final, "buck stops here" oversight and may even continue to contribute from time to time, the running of the JLU has now been assumed by a fellow junior lawyer to be known simply as The Tea Lady.

As those of you who work in firms that still employ tea ladies would be well aware, The Tea Lady hears all and knows all. She is a wise soul who understands the machinations and inner workings of law firms better than most. Please make her welcome.

The Tea Lady can be reached via email at juniorlawyersunion@hotmail.com (Hotmail). I can still be reached at juniorlawyersunion@gmail.com (Gmail) if you so need.

And so begins Chapter 2 in the life of the JLU. Onwards and upwards, comrades!


Blogger -k. said...

Due to a dodgy computer I've only been able to access the net from work - and, as a result, have been unable to post comments.

Nevertheless, I wanted to take this (belated) opportunity to say how glad I am that the JLU is still up and running. Well done, kids.

01 April, 2007 11:42  

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