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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The JLU says farewell

Four weeks have passed since I ended my career as a lawyer.

While it is true that, in that time, I have been busy preparing to embark on a new career in a new city, it is also true that I have not possessed the urge to post to this site.

Having escaped the clutches of big firm practice, I am no longer an insider. I am no longer in a position to tell tales from the trenches. I am also no longer motivated to push back against the constant stresses and pressures of the law firm environment.

Critics of the JLU have occasionally suggested that, if I couldn't handle the heat, I should get out of the kitchen. While I dealt with the flaw in this argument previously, I'm no dogmatist and, since I was never going to change law firm culture, I wasn't going to die trying.

While this means I am now looking forward to life free of the tyranny of the timesheet and the petulance of the partner, it also means that I am no longer in a position to offer junior lawyers a voice. As a result, I am drawing the curtain on the Junior Lawyers' Union.

Of course, the spirit of the JLU and the underlying reasons for its existence live on. Though it will not continue to actively raise matters of concern to junior lawyers, I hope the JLU has, in its short lifespan, managed to serve one of its primary purposes: making junior lawyers aware that they are not alone in their angst and frustration about their jobs and the state of the profession.

Finally, thanks to all the loyal members and readers of the Junior Lawyers' Union blog and particularly to those who left comments or contributed ideas. Your support and enthusiasm turned a kooky idea into a truly worthwhile enterprise.

In place of the ongoing wit and wisdom of the JLU, and for your regular diet of insightful thought and comment, I would recommend a blog I have recently come across called Mid(dle Austr)alia. Click on the link and have a look. Worth a read.

To all those who remain in the law: good luck - and never forget that you have far more power than you are led to believe.

Yours ever loyally,

Shop Steward


Blogger Armagnac Esq. said...

It's a shame you're leaving the law altogether. Not that it's much chop in many respects, but big firm culture has stuff all to do with being a lawyer, just overpaid overworked paper pushers. So you are wise to get out of there, but why not leave the money behind a bit, especially while you're still junior, and do something remotely interesting?

Spend half a day in my old haunt, the children's court, and you won't get bored...

..anyway good luck!

16 January, 2007 21:57  
Blogger I am the Queen of F*%&ING EVERYTHNG...OK!! said...

I,for one, will greatly miss your honesty, forthrightness and your ability to speak out agianst the legal fraternity. All the best in whatever you undertake.
May the road rise up to met you,
may the rain fall upon your fields, may the sun be always at your back and until we met again,
may God hold you in the palm of his hand.
Fairhe ghaire thair

23 January, 2007 23:36  
Blogger Shop Steward said...

Thanks to you both.

Armagnac: I have indeed left the money behind to do something remotely interesting. Journalism, as it turns out.

Queen: Very touching. What a great Irish farewell!

24 January, 2007 11:42  

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