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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

***BREAKING NEWS*** Top tier law firm freezes salaries

In a JLU exclusive, the JLU has learned that one top-tier national law firm has frozen the salary bands for its junior lawyers.

The firm's junior lawyers who progress to a higher pay band on 1 July will not receive an increase on the amount their colleagues on that band received last year, as the pay level for each band has remained unchanged. In real terms, then, this reflects a decrease in salary paid to lawyers on each band.

Traditionally, the salaries at each pay band increase at or above CPI.

Two years ago, in a much-hyped exercise, the same law firm held firm-wide departmental meetings with staff to announce that pay band salaries would not increase. This move created a mood of disappointment and demoralised staff. Consequently, the firm appears to have eschewed a policy of transparency on this occasion, calculating that it is preferable to downplay the bad news or even hope it goes unnoticed.

More information as it comes to hand.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get a life

11 August, 2006 11:40  
Blogger Shop Steward said...

Yes! That's right! Getting a life is precisely what we at the JLU are attempting to facilitate for our stakeholders. A life outside the office. A life with family and friends. And daylight. Anyone remember daylight?

11 August, 2006 12:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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06 February, 2007 19:54  

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